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Alexandra Silinia

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A.S Hypno-Psychotherapy


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Hi! My name is Alexandra and I am a certified and registered mental health specialist based in Dublin, Ireland.


My methods are progressive and up-to-date, focused on working with the root cause of the problems via subconscious mind to get fast and life changing results, rather than extending this process for years (like counselling does).

I have been trained by the leading specialists in their industry in different countries, and I still continue up-skill my knowledge.


I work mostly with women, but also with adolescence and children, specialising on eating disorders, health issues, self-esteem and all kinds of abuse.


I truly believe that every person was born to be happy and content. Basically, this is what I do: helping you to see, feel and own you right to be mentally and physically well.


Alexandra Silinia

R.C. Hyp., Dip. Hyp., Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist, Psychosomatic Specialist and Mind Coach.