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Helen Doyle

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Learn how to get more enjoyment out of your life.


I always loved teaching and helping others. My background is in Education and for many years I taught young children in schools about the world around them so that they could grow and develop and get more enjoyment out of their lives.  However, our actual life experiences in the big world don’t always create joy and happiness within us. Often our life events create stress and anxiety and worry within us. But when I studied hypnosis, I understood that we can alter our thoughts, our responses and our actions and thereby change the effects of those daily stressors. Such a valuable lesson... ‘We can take back control of our lives’. Now I love to work with adults so that they could update their old world experience programmes and begin to make sense of it internally. When as an adult you learn to see through the stresses and worries in your life, they never have the same grip on you again. You have the power within you to take charge of your life again and enjoy every moment. Best learning ever….